What is it?

A group of independent fine jewelers with exclusive access to the industry’s best video content, including on-demand custom production services for marketing and advertising.

Who is it for?

• Jewelers who wish have the best video content in their market.

• Jewelers who wish they had an in-house video production team.

• Jewelers who want to continually communicate expertise in Bridal

 nd Gifting jewelry.

• Jewelers who wish to anchor their messaging in emotion and

 iamond jewelry. 

• Agencies and media buyers who represent these kinds of jewelers.

• Jewelers who have less than 10 store locations.

How does it work?

Each member of the group gets a market-exclusive license to 3rd Strand’s entire content library, on-demand custom video edits and photos, and a new library of scenes every year.

How much does a membership cost?

Each Jeweler commits to an annual membership paid on a quarterly basis:

$7,000 per quarter for library license

NO charge for a set of custom video/spot edit (up to 10 per year)

*custom voice over scripting and recording at additional charge

NO charge for all still photo asset usage and graphic tagging

How do you order custom content?

Through our portal page, you fill out our ‘custom production brief’ to begin. With a follow up phone call, our team will then put your content into production. We turn around custom video assets for final delivery within 15 working days.

What are the limits to usage?

• Usage for all the content library assets are limited to the term of your membership.

• Usage for all content library assets are exclusive to your geographic market(s).

• There are NO limits to the usage in any media type. TV, Social, Billboard, and print or covered.

What makes the content “custom” to my store?

Unlike assets from your brand partners (simply tagged with your logo), 3rd Strand’s content is truly customized to your store brand. Here are a just a few of the ways we customize:

• Every year, we shoot new scenes using your branded boxes, bags, ribbon, and more.

• Every year, we feature diamond jewelry—selected by you—in the content/scenes we shoot.

• The titles, scripts, and voice overs for your videos and spots are created custom for you.

• The actual scene content for every video / spot is chosen by you.

• The music and graphic treatment for all assets are selected by you.

What is the membership cancellation policy?

90 days cancellation policy AFTER the first year of membership.

How do I get started?

3rd Strand’s Jewelry Content Group begins Q3 of 2023. Members may begin using assets upon payment of the Q3 start date – July 1st, 2023.

Jewelers can begin their 2024 membership as late as Jan 2024. (First quarter payment due Feb 1st, 2024).

Jewelers who wish to reserve a membership and market-exclusive content library license will simply need to pay the first quarter fee (a first-come reservation for the first year of membership).


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