Introducing the



This is the ultimate campaign for independent fine jewelers. A brand-level set of videos and still photos that feature classic diamond jewelry within a timeless and luxurious love story. Whether you are running TV or digital pre-roll, billboard or magazine, this campaign sets you apart as true luxury jeweler.

The Gift of a Lifetime Campaign is an original 3rd Strand production, offered to only the very best independent regional jewelers. As producers of cinematic advertising, and specialists in fine jewelry, our mission is to give our clients exclusive marketing assets that evoke lifestyle and emotion in equal measure.

The Gift of A lifetime Campaign includes:

  • 6 individual scenes (featuring 4 different engagement rings and multiple sets of diamond jewelry)
  • 3 core video spots (Bridal, Holiday, Gifting)
  • Over 12 video assets (customized with your branded boxes and tagged for your store)
  • Over 100 still photos featuring moments from each scene
  • 24 months of unlimited usage in all media


We want to talk to you about how The Gift of Lifetime could work for your store.